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10 Reasons To Start A Career In The Tourism Industry

If travelling is your passion and you have a liking to make others at ease, then pursuing a Travel and tourism course might be the next step for you. Here are 10 reasons that would make you consider a career in the aviation industry.


1.  Abundant Opportunities

Travel and Tourism is a growing industry and there is a huge demand for job-ready professionals in aviation. Moreover, the skills you acquire during your college days can be transferred very easily. Travel and tourism career can open multiple avenues for you with so many national and international airlines making an entry into the field.


2.  Creative Field

Travel and tourism is a people’s industry. There are so many diverse work areas where you can perform. The industry demands you to be up and running, and super creative. Professionals in this field need to think of creative ways to ensure that travellers enjoy their journey and all their needs are taken care of. You are required to be super active in case of any emergency or unforeseen circumstances that a passenger may experience.


3.   Job Opportunities

The industry offers an array of jobs to aspiring professionals. The advantage is, you do not need to stick to one niche. Travel and tourism courses provide you access to different pathways. You can choose the profession of being a Tour Manager, Tourist Guide, Activity Manager of Adventure Sports, Conference and Event Manager, Travel Consultant, Holiday Rep or Airport Ground staff or Air Cabin Crew, etc.


4.  Learn Customer Servicing Skills

A profession in travel and tourism entails customer service skills, that form the crux of any area you choose. You have to be friendly, attentive and efficient. You require good communication, the ability to gel with all sorts of people, and how to make a challenging situation work.


5.   Flexible Job

Aviation is a field that allows no monotony. There is no fixed 9-5 routine and there are no fixed weekend offs. You can choose the number of days you want to work and even you flying hours.


6.   Activity Tourism

A new area in this industry is that of Activity Tourism, where you would be out and about: You might have to climb,or sail, go on course trips, explore wide activities, etc. Diverse areas include business tourism, adventure and cruises.


7.    Learning for life

The travel and tourism course gives you an opportunity to imbibe life-long learnings. You get to see the functioning of an airport, what processes are involved since the time passengers arrive at the airport till the time they depart, how to organize itineraries, how to accommodate holiday packages, and so on.


8.   Adventure & Challenge

The travel and tourism sector is known for its adventure and adrenaline rush. It’s a very dynamic and challenging industry. To beat the competition, you have to develop new skill set and ideas that may help you charter a new path for yourself. Innovations are a constant in creative room designs in a hotel, mobile applications, and preparing perfect tour itineraries.


9.  Growing Industry

India’s travel and tourism sector is growing exponentially. The civil aviation sector is all set to become the third-largest industry by 2020 and will be the largest by 2030. India welcomes tourists from worldwide.


10.   Showcase India to outside world

Being in the travel and trade industry provides you with ample opportunities to show case to the world what India is all about. You are the face of India’s culture, tradition and heritage. Travel and Tourism Academy is the right place to begin a rewarding career. Apply at the earliest for a travel and tourism course.

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