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Best airport operation management course in kolkata
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Top airport operation management course in kolkata from Aptech Aviation Park Street



This course prepares you for a successful career in the airline & aviation industry. Airlines and airports need a huge number of trained employees for jobs including customer service, baggage handling, ticketing, and cargo handling. Keeping these demands in mind, Aptech provides you complete, in-depth training in all aspects of airport terminal operations and management. On completing this course, you can work in any department of an airport or airline company in India and around the world.

Course Duration

11 Months

Institute for airport operation management in kolkata


What we offer

Aptech provides professional learning opportunities by combining classroom lessons and practical learning sessions. The course in airport terminal operations and management system equips you with technical job-skills and grooms you for jobs in the glamorous aviation industry.

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The course curriculum includes:

  • Persona management
  • Soft skills
  • Principles of aviation
  • Aviation operations
  • Customer service for global clientele
  • Resource management at airports
  • >Load planning and DGR


The course curriculum includes:

  • Passenger handling
  • Security & legislation
  • Ancillary services
  • Airline & airport organisation
  • Airport systems
  • Air traffic control
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There are many career options in aviation, hospitality, travel & tourism, and retail. You can start off at an executive level & progress to be a top manager in any of these industries:

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