Tell Me about Yourself”- What to Say When a Cabin Crew Interviewer Raises This Question


Tell Me about Yourself”- What to Say When a Cabin Crew Interviewer Raises This Question

“If you aspire to be a great champion, you must first believe that you are the best.”

Muhammad Ali

Being a part of the in-flight cabin crew team is one of the most dynamic professions at present. The charisma, the charm of this profession extends to a point where you could be looking at breakfast in Paris, a late dinner in Japan, and the next day’s lunch in New York, all the while getting paid for your services.

But, before that, a bit of determination, dedication, and confidence will be needed to crack the cabin crew interview questions, needless to mention!

It’s all quite easy, you’ll find, if you have had the right cabin crew training, know your basics, and have the zeal for a career in aviation’s in-flight domain.

But, the real challenge is breaking the ice once an interview starts. Most cabin crew interviewers choose to do so by asking the notorious question, ‘Tell Us about Yourself.’ Let’s discuss how you can plan and offer an excellent answer to it.

Understand the Query- What Does This Particular Cabin Crew Interview Question Mean?

The primary purpose of asking this is to kick-start the conversation. A cabin crew interviewer raises it with a completely relaxed demeanor, trying to draw you into opening up. The secondary motive is to gauge how prepared you are.

These are the points that the cabin crew interviewers would usually try to pick up from your answer:

  • How your professional life/training experience has been so far
  • Your thoughts on what is essential for a cabin crew job
  • A basic idea of what value you’d bring to the airline

Also, this is an unstructured question. If you answer confidently and with ease, it’ll show that you can handle vague questions thrown at you out of the blue. And, that is a plus point for you as cabin crew members regularly deal with passengers and have to answer all sorts of queries and doubts.

Formulating an Answer- It’s an Opportunity in Disguise


The ‘Tell Us about Yourself’ cabin crew interview question offers a chance to build a rapport with the interviewer. With the help of carefully chosen words, you can express your passion for the role & talk about the reasons that make you a perfect choice for the job.

You have to project the following impression of your personality on the interviewer.

  • You are aware of the requirements of the position
  • You understand the airline company’s values
  • You are confident, articulate, & clear-headed

By offering a brief but precise description of your skills, training background, and qualifications, you can expertly pitch yourself as a fit and well-skilled personnel ready to take up the cabin crew responsibilities.

How Should Cabin Crew Aspirants Answer the ‘Tell Us about Yourself’ Question?

It’s always better to prepare an answer in advance and practice it in front of a mirror. When the moment comes, you can respond without hesitating (since you know what to say) and come off as confident (as the practicing will make the words come out more naturally.)

Now, to the task of formulating the answer!

Step one is to summarise all your achievements.

Were you rewarded for 100% attendance in your cabin crew training program? Include it. Did you get a certificate of academic excellence during a cabin crew course? Put that in. Have you been attending seminars related to the aviation, travel, & tourism industry with the help of your cabin crew training institute? Mention it as well.

Step two is to make a list of your cabin crew qualifications & skills.

Step three is to arrange your answer chronologically.

Talk first about what you are doing right now (e.g., I am in the final months of my cabin crew course.) Include your qualifications and extraordinary achievements here. Then talk about what you did in the last one year (e.g., I finished by 10+2 education and then went through a rigorous cabin crew training at a reputed cabin crew training institute.) Add what you learned and how you improved your skill set in that period. End it by speaking of your expectations for the upcoming times and your passion for the domain.

Power Phrases That Can Improve Your Answer

Including the following tidbits at reasonable intervals can smarten up your response.

  • I enjoy challenges
  • I value learning through my work
  • I am a strong team-worker
  • I am a confident communicator
  • I work well without supervision

For better effect, add a very short anecdote in association with these phrases which exhibits your skills.

Keeping It Concise Is Also Quite Valuable  

Ninety seconds is ideal. Two minutes, however, is enough while answering this cabin crew interview question. Practicing beforehand will help you fit the answer efficiently in the right time window.

At the finer cabin crew training institutes, like this institute of Travel, subtle indications of preparing for the ultimate cabin crew interview questions is ingrained in the syllabus. As the trainees learn these nuances, like speaking confidently, talking about their best features and most significant skills, etc. throughout the course of their program, they are better prepared to tackle the ‘Tell Us about Yourself’ question at their interview sessions.

Anyway, as parting advice, stay brief, confident, and relaxed, & you will have a great time cruising through the cabin crew interview questions.


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