All about the Airport ground staffs


Airport ground staff course in Kolkata is provided in most of the airline institutes. The candidates who are struggling to achieve a position in the airline industries may go for the Ground staff job. The work of a ground staff is vast and requires hard working. The candidates working on the ground are also referred and ground crew. They are the person who is responsible for the smooth working of the airport and handling the daily chaos at the airport, night and day.

The ground staffs are behind guiding the passengers towards their destination gate, welcoming passenger son the aircraft and other commercial activities. Some of the staffs are recruited to handle the transporting luggage, inspecting and storing them. Airport ground staff job in Kolkata is also about handling the hustle and bustle of the airport during the celebrity visit as well.

Role of a ground staff

  • Checking the passengers for flights
  • Re-routing the passengers in case of flight delay or missed flights
  • Transferring the passengers between domestic and international
  • Providing updated information to the passengers
  • Assisting the passengers in case of loss of baggage
  • Coordinating with staffs in the security
  • Handling the baggage loading and unloading
  • Helping passengers with direct and via flights
  • Directing the passengers to taxi spots
  • Helping the passengers in disembarking from the flight
  • Managing the network and fleet
  • Preparing the flight with sufficient fuel

The airport ground staff qualification is usually 10 +2 or a graduate. The candidate must have attained at least 18 years of age. The candidate must have a pleasant personality and politely spoken. Candidates with ruthless attitude are immediately detained from the job. As airport jobs are all about hospitality management, the candidates are recommended to take up a course in hospitality before joining the airlines as a ground staff. The paycheck is however not handsome initially, but as you grow, paycheck also grows.


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