Interesting facts about Cabin Crew job in Air


An air hostess career looks very glamorous and promising. Young girls find the job very high-profile as they dream of flying high in the air and get paid for the same. Though a cabin crew job is very fascinating, it comes with a range of responsibilities and demands high patience.

In order to join this high profile job, a candidate must possess the below qualities both in education and behavior.

Educational skills

An aspiring candidate for air hostess training must have cleared 10+2. Though many air hostess institute demands a graduation degree, some of the best air hostess training institute in India allows candidates with 10+2 pass out.

Apart from being composed and take the responsibility of the passengers in the air, the air hostesses have some great opportunities and restrictions as well;

  • Survival training

The cabin crew is given special survival training so that they can survive even if they are lost somewhere on earth. This is a particular skill taught to the cabin crew through which they learn how to make their own shelter, collect food, and help each other when a plane crashes or lands in a no man’s place.

  • They are not allowed to drink

Cabin crew position is a highly responsible job. Hence the crews are not allowed to booze on the air or 12 hours before the flight takes off. They have to remain sane when they are in the clouds failing to which they can be detained.

  • Air hostess should not become fat

Air hostess job is all about being sexy and physically fit. They are not allowed to gain weight and must follow a strict exercise regime. In case they become fat, they are served with a deadline to reduce the extra pounds.

Apart from the above, the air hostess course teaches you how to deal with people of different stature in the mid-air.


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