How to become a Flight attendant?


A flight attendant is the male member of the cabin crew who has to perform the responsibilities same as an air hostess does. Many cabin crew training companies are providing flight attendant course in addition to the air hostess courses as well. A flight attendant provides routine services and responds to all emergencies to ensure that all the passengers are safe and secure on the air.

Duties of a flight attendant

When you are taking up a flight attendant course from one of the flight attendant training institute in Kolkata, you are taught the following duties;

  • Conduct pre-flight inspections of emergency exit and equipment in the flight
  • Demonstrating the safety measures to the passengers
  • Serving meal, beverages, snacks and other recreational provided by the airline companies
  • Take care of the passengers on the plane and ensure that all their needs are fulfilled.
  • Evacuate the passengers safely during the emergency landing
  • Provide on-air medical care. Sometimes the flight attendants are the substitute to the doctors as they are well trained to provide first aid.
  • Ensure that all the passengers are seated properly with seat belts intact during the takeoff and landing process.
  • Safely direct the passengers to their seat and eliminate any on-air

How to become a flight attendant?

Flight attendant training is provided to the male candidates who have passed the examinations procedure in the three simple steps.

The first step is to take up a course with a good training institute. As soon as you have finished the course, you are directed to placement procedure. Here you need to give written exams that test your mental competency.

The next step takes you to the Group discussion where you are tested with good communication skills and how well you communicate with others.

The last step is the interview step where you are tested for your patience, calmness, attitude,and behavior. If you have passed all the three steps, you are qualified for six-months training with the airline companies.


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