Opportunities for a cargo staff


If you are looking for an opportunity for jobs in airline but are unable to chance upon flying high, then there are some good jobs on the ground as well. There are many lucrative cargo training courses in India that provide you with the opportunity to work for the airlines.

Being a cargo staff is no less an opportunity than being a flight attendant. The job is equally responsible and requires hard work as well. many times airlines require some responsible candidate to handle airport baggage and cargos. If you feel eligible for the job, then it might open great perspectives for you.

Job responsibilities

When you take up a cargo handling course, you are taught about handling cargos and various other types of baggage that arrive regularly through various airlines. It also involves clearing f customs, checking of duties and inspecting the cargos that you may suspect to be illegal.

Among the various responsibilities, cargo staffs are required to load and upload the cargos between the different aircraft, cleaning the lavatories, and de-icing the plane. The cargo handlers take care of uploading food items on the plane, load passenger baggage, commercial freight and other cargo-related work in the plane.

The air cargo courses are offered to candidates who are physically fit and competent to take up hard work of loading and unloading the baggage. It is a strenuous work and requires more physical fitness than educational background. The cargo staff must have a willingness to work under all types of weather and environment. The course also involves special safety measure training to handle the chaos that takes place in the background.

To become a cargo staff, you must have attained 18 years of age and own a driving license to drive huge trucks. Since the job is more about practical training, you get it all once you have selected in the interview.


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