“Find out what you like doing best and get someone to pay you for doing it.”

      (Katherine Whitehorn)

Have you decided what to do after 12th?

Tough question, right?

Whether you just entered high school or finished it, you must be considering career choices after 12th. Reasonably so, as your primary education is over now and it marks a milestone in your life. The next step is to find a stream you like, train in it, build a career, and make a successful living.

But, why should you go for a career in Travel, Hospitality, and Aviation?

Well, because it is one of the fastest growing industries in India right now. It’s filled with possibilities, so much so that the industry is expected to create over 40 million jobs in the next decade. Clearly, this is a career opportunity that should not be missed!

What Are the Benefits of Joining This Industry? Where Are the Opportunities?

In each of these sectors, i.e. Travel, Aviation, and Hospitality, there are several chances for growth. There is also a long list of professional and personal growth & unique advantages that working for these industries could offer you.

We’ll discuss them one by one.

A Career in Aviation in India

The scope of employment in the Aviation industry has very high potentials. There are diverse opportunities in the public & private sectors. This industry is mostly preferred because it offers a high salary, excellent growth opportunities, and a chance to travel across the globe.

With a diploma in Aviation management, you could pursue jobs like:

  • Flight Attendants
  • Gate Agents
  • Ground Crew
  • Ramp Agents
  • Baggage Handlers
  • Cargo Agents
  • Reservation Desk Agent
  • Passenger Service Agents

A Career in Hospitality in India

This sector offers some of the best career options after 12th, chiefly because it has many sub-fields to pursue. It is a service industry. Hence, there are many departments where you can find a well-paying, decent job after completing the diploma course.

Primarily, you can get chances to work in Hotels and Resorts, Cruise Liners, Luxury Trains, Fine Dining Restaurants, & Meetings and Events planning. It is a creative field with exciting challenges that will help you grow as a professional.  The prospective jobs include:

  • Front desk agent
  • Reservations agent
  • Guest Services Agents
  • Food and Beverage service agents
  • Restaurant manager
  • Catering manager

A Career In Tourism In India

Travel And Tourism Course After 12th qualifies you to seek employment in the Tourism sector and its related domains. Entry-level jobs are open to young people right after 12th provided they have the right skill set and training about the industry.

You can work in this industry as:

  • Tour Operator
  • Travel Agent
  • Itinerary Planner
  • Airfare & Ticketing Professional
  • Airport Check-in Staff
  • Tour Guide

Over time, you’d be promoted as Tourism Manager, Travel Officer, Transports In-charge, etc. With a high-salary, this industry provides many global opportunities to work with foreign-based travel agencies. You can also become an entrepreneur in this industry & set up your own company.  And, you can work for the National Department of Tourism and State Tourism Offices as well.

The Market Is Booming; The Opportunities are Endless

Right now, you must be worried sick about How To Decide What To Do After 12th? And, although you just read about the advantages of building a career in Tourism, Aviation And Hospitality Industry, the doubts may not have vanished completely.

Well, we have your back!

The best Aviation, Travel, & Hospitality Academies in New Kolkata, the Aptech Aviation Park Street, is organizing career guidance seminars for all 12th qualified students. There, you can get your confusions cleared with the help of experts for absolutely free.

Try it. Work it out. Then, go out there and lay the foundation of your future career with confidence. Good Luck!


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