A Quest Across the Globe- The Rewards of Working as a Cabin Crew Member


Flexible hours, exciting people, travelling opportunities, cheerful environment, and the vast expanse of the sky welcome every man and woman who ventures into the cabin crew life.

Almost everyone carries his/her perception about the cabin crew. However, only those who are actively engaged in the profession realize that working as cabin crew is an outstanding career choice that has its fair share of dedication, rewards, and commitments involved.

But, this field is more than a simple quest around the globe. It is an enriching adventure across new lands that ends as a collection of marvellous memories, enticing tales of extraordinary experiences, and an incredibly rich pool of friends that you’ll make in the unlikeliest of corners of the world.


Reward Numero Uno- The World Is on Your Fingertips

The most fabulous profit for flight attendants is the opportunity to travel.

Whether they are on-duty or not working, cabin crew members get an extensive variety of travel benefits in the form of discounts, free seats, accommodation benefits, and allowances.

They also get the facility to extend some of these discounted tickets to a limited number of their relatives and friends, as per the airline guidelines. They get premium cards which can be used during layovers to shop at selected stores and dine at certain places at massively reduced prices.

They get the pass riding option which allows them to travel on any flight of the airline they work for if there is a vacant seat in the craft after passenger check-in. They either only pay a percentage of their flight ticket or none at all. They also get slashed prices for some hotels and restaurants across the world.

But, there is more to this facet of cabin crew staff life.

To provide some context, beyond every other benefit you can possibly get, it is the allure of journeying to the vast corners of the world while getting a decent amount of money in your bank account, something most can only dream of, that makes it worth the effort required to develop cabin crew skills and qualities.

Traveling Is Not the Only Benefit. There’re others Too

And you shall; in fact, you must understand how fundamental they are to a cabin crew working miles above the ground.

1. Flexible Duty Hours, Hence More Personal Time

The aviation industry, In India and other places, is quite heavily regulated. You can check out the glimpses of the sound management in specific rules of the industry, like the intense cabin crew training sessions and the stress they put over adherence to the uniforms and appearances.

As a direct advantage of this monitored management, the cabin crew working hours are strictly limited to a sensible number of hours per month. You won’t be allowed to work more than 75 to 100 hours per month since the airline wants the cabin crew to be refreshed, well-rested, and completely energized before they can be put on a flight.

Hence, you get reasonable time off-duty to chill out and spend with your friends and family.


2. Cabin Crew Salary

The freshers who enter the industry after completing their cabin crew courses earn somewhere between 25K and 40K per month. As their seniority grows, so does the pay.

Additionally, they also stand a chance to get allowances for daily meals during layovers, a percentage of the in-flight duty-free sales, transportation for work trips, insurance, gratuity, health & retirement benefits, and accommodation in affiliated hotels during layovers. Of course, these are airline-specific and vary from one carrier to another.

The cabin crew is paid by the flying hour on a fixed-rate basis, which is in addition to their basic pay. Plus, the routes they fly on hold significance. For instance, some flight routes pay higher than others, especially the international long-haul ones.

3. A Transferable Skill Set

The sole purpose of cabin crew training is to prepare you for your duties which include customer service as much as ensuring that the passengers have a safe flight.

Over the years working as cabin crew, you will learn to multitask with an exceptionally versatile, welcoming, and personable approach. You will become extremely familiar with administrative and hospitality-related tasks.

While the cabin crew training will teach you to deal with and act in extreme situations, like medical emergencies on-board, the experience of working with different types of people will help you gain a set of transferable skills that will further enhance your professional profile.

4. An Adjustable Profession that Supports Your Life-Changes

Many believe that working cabin crew members have no time for their families.

That, however, is a stereotype that should have been shattered long ago.

Today, there are ways to adjust the work life of a cabin crew member according to their family schedule. The flexible work-hours give you plenty of time to spend with the family. At the same time, if you want to be home for longer, you can stick to domestic carriers, since flights bound to destinations within a country have shorter layovers, if any, than the international ones.

Again, it is the adaptability of this career that makes life easier for the cabin crew members.

The Cabin Crew Advantage- A Career That Keeps Giving

Come to think of it, the cabin crew career is an astonishing one. It offers you a chance at a dignified, glamorous life. It helps you grow as a professional, assisting you with trainings throughout your career. It opens the door to new, better opportunities. And, it gives you wings.

If there ever were a more rewarding career than this, we are yet to hear of it!


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